Sunday, June 30, 2013

The songs in the movie "Passenger Side"

Silver Jews - Punks in the Beerlight
Smog - Hit the ground running
SNFU - cannibal cafe
Chad VanGaalen - mini tvs
mekons - ordinary night
squirrel bait - kid dynamite
buided by voices - the goldenheart mountaintop queen directory
beethoven - good guys and bad guys
the nils - call of the wild
young marble giants - final day
volcano suns - jak
superchunk - driveway to driveway
dinosaur jr - freak scene
DOA - fucked up ronnie
unrest - isabel
the mountain goats - wild sage
camper van beethoven - we saw jerry's daughter
islands - rough gem
asexuals - be what you want
leonard cohen - suzanne
mac mccaughan - you don't have to make me feel better
the mekons - last night on earth
chad vangaalen - graveyard
evan dando - hard drive
wilco - passenger side

(according to the credits)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Using the terminal bell as an urgency hint

Covered here:

I'm going to try this.

Update: Works like a charm. As a note to future-me:
1. Remember  to re-source your .tmux.conf, or quit all tmux sessions.
2. While pre-occupied with remember #1, remember to re-merge settings in ~/.Xdefaults.