Thursday, March 14, 2013

Exporting OPML from NetVibes

I use NetVibes, and have recently tried to export my feeds as OPML, and noticed that it generates invalid OPML. The OPML 2.0 spec states:
A missing text attribute in any outline element is an error. 
NetVibes' <outline> elements look something like this:

<outline title="Netvibes Blog" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl=""/>

It's very easy to fix -- just add a new "text" attribute with the contents of the existing "title" attribute. It trips up some other OPML importers, though.

[Edit: I wrote a little python script to fix this problem specifically:]


  1. How do you export your OPML from NetVibes/Bloglines? Once I click the Account link in the upper-right menu (the /account/profile page), it loads an empty page and nothing really happens.

  2. Same here. Can't find a way to export my feeds from bloglines...

  3. Accounts -> Export is how I exported OPML from NetVibes. If the account page isn't loading at all, that sounds like a problem on NetVibes' side. Hopefully that's temporary? I just tried it now and it loaded for me.

    I don't know about BlogLines.

  4. Thanks Michael. Bloglines works on the same platform as NetVibes, so basically it's the same web-site under the hood. The Account page still isn't loading for me though. And it isn't loading for quite some time (weeks, I mean). I've notified their support about that, but no reply yet.

    Anyway, the account page's URL (for bloglines) is:
    I believe that for NetVibes the last part of the URL ("/account/profile") should be the same. Now, could you please check what is the URL of a page that loads when you click the Export link? If I see your URL, I could try and figure out the correct one for the Bloglines service and try it directly hoping it might load w/o problems (I tried the obvious one ("/account/export"), but it didn't work). Thanks again for any help.

  5. Hey Anthony,

    The URL is for exporting OPML from netvibes is "/api/my/feeds/export". I just tried accessing it directly with a browser and it seems to work fine. (It outputs a zip archive.)

    Does that work on bloglines?

  6. Wow, it works like a charm! So, for anyone who googles this up, here's the URL for exporting the zip file containing the OPML with all your subscriptions:

    Thank you very much, Michael!